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All products are Manufactured and produced from Colombia, then shipped directly to your house.  All products sold are 100% Colombian, no imitations or fakes.  The products sold are only premium blends, no cheap imitations.  If you are looking for a specific product not listed please contact me with any request you might have.  Many people can sell so called "Colombian Coffee" but are primarily manufactured in the U.S, or other countries, so be diligent in your search for pure Colombian Coffee. 

All products were hand selected myself since I'm only interested in quality blends to be sold.  I'm certain once your try any of these blends, whole bean, ground, or instant, you're going to be amazed how different the taste truly is compared to your current Coffee.

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Premium and Organic Coffee of Colombia

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Please contact me for special request items not listed
Shipping fees charged to me from Colombia to the U.S.A can be very expensive, so please keep that in mind with the sell prices.  Send an email, or call me at any time about your inquiries, and I will check for the best rates for your destination.
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All Coffee and Chocolate are 100% Products of Colombia

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