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I created this page for those curious about traveling or living abroad in Colombia.  All the information you need is here, from traveling with pets, or with a family.  . 


Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a transcontinental region, primarily in the North of South America, with territories in North America. Colombia is renowned for its specialty coffee and arepas, as well as the generosity of its people. It is renowned for its culturally vibrant history, mixing architecture, music, and theatre, and its diverse landscapes, from deserts to snow-covered mountains.


If you are visiting Barranquilla, then The Caribbean Museum is exceptional. Everything in this museum is about the Caribbean. The show opens with a remarkably fascinating multimedia demonstration. Another explanation of why visiting Barranquilla is worth a visit is La Troja, the most emblematic bar in Barranquilla. Salsa lovers from all over the city assemble here for a good party every weekend and even throughout the week. Barranquilla’s carnival is also one of the famous and second-largest carnivals in the world. If you want to see Barranquilla at its finest, you can certainly partake in next year's festivities and enjoy the stunning parades. And also, you are guaranteed to drink a lot of Aguardiente (firewater) traditional Colombian Schnapps.

Surrounding Cities


If you are wondering where Cartagena is in Colombia, it is in the north of the country and is the capital of the Bolivar region. The city has a variety of archipelagos and islands surrounding it, which are paradises for true rest. Among them are Tierra Bomba Island, Múcura Islan, and Barú Island.

Cartagena de Indias is known to put together the charm of colonial architecture, the thrill of busy nightlife, fascinating cultural events, and lush landscapes to put you the ideal holiday experience. The beaches of the city follow, welcoming you to unwind and enjoy the soothing breeze and warm waters of the sea.

But that's not what Cartagena has to offer — the city still has outstanding food and a vibrant hotel and tourism infrastructure.

Framed by its breathtaking bay, Cartagena de Indias is one of the most magnificent and well-preserved cities in the Americas; a gem that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colombia


Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a pure taste. The richness of the city is noticeable in its scenery, inhabitants, and every part of its culture; it is a destination that genuinely welcomes its tourists and makes them feel at home.

What makes this city special to you? The most defining characteristic of Santa Marta's stunning scenery is it's unforgettable in which the green trees, the blue sea, the yellow sun and the sand, and the contrast between the beaches and the white-peaked Sierra Nevada make Santa Marta a must-see destination.

Medellin and Bogota (the Andes or central region

Medellin lies in a wide Andean bowl, and the easiest way to get to the panorama is easy to get on public transport and link to the Medellin Metro cable. These sleek cable cars go up the city to the nearby hills, providing unrivaled views that are ideal for avid photographers. One choice is to travel Line J over social housing towers and smaller shantytowns to a glorious view near the final station at La Aurora. The most famous thing to do, though, is ride Line L to Arvi Park, an urban oasis with forested hills that feels a world away from the city center. This massive park is the ultimate getaway for nature lovers, with quiet walking trails and plenty of food and art stalls to meet all your needs.



Bogotá is Colombia's heartbeat, an attractive and colorful capital flanked by chilly Andean peaks and steeped in sophisticated urban coolness. The architectural epicenter of the region is La Candelaria, the cobbled historic hub to which most travelers gravitate. Here, the potpourri of carefully restored colonial structures is home to museums, restaurants, hotels, and pubs, peppered in the middle of 300-year-old homes, churches, and convents. Almost all of Bogotá's traditional landmarks are here, radiating from Plaza de Bolívar, and the stunning Cerro de Monserrate is just east.



Cali is the third-largest city in Columbia. It is a lovely fun city if you wish moving to Colombia South America. You can remain busy and travel in several ways, from salsa dancing in the city to hiking to the best places in town, to enjoying the Río Pance in the nearby National Park. Along with a riverside stroll right through its downtown district, Cali has its share of palm tree-lined squares, decent dining, and busy markets where you can spend the day.

Let us explore the best things to do in Cali:

Cali’s famous salsa circus, Delirio:

These dancers have traveled around the world dancing, and the performances feel like a mix of music, dance, and Cirque de Soleil with a hint of cabaret.

Salsa dancers are incredible, having grown up in Cali's salsa schools – we are talking about children and adults dancing at the highest stage. Shows are performed in a circus-like tent that seats more than 1,000

Capilla La Ermita:

This is the church that everyone in Cali visits because, architecturally speaking, it is magnificent.

Designed in an ornate neo-Gothic style and located in the center of town, the building of an opulent chapel began in 1930 and was completed in 1948. The architecture contains Dutch windows, French church bells, Italian marble, and influence from the German cathedral.

Zoológico de Cali:

The Cali Zoo is one of the most stunning in South America, and almost everyone is suggesting a visit here.

With healthy animals, organized exhibits, and clean pathways that make you feel like you're in the middle of a forest, it's a great day out for the entire family.

They have many animals native to Colombia, plenty from all over South America, and even lions, tigers, and kangaroos.

The Cali River passes through it, as well as fishponds, natural plants, and freely ranging iguanas and peacocks.

Surrounding City


Buenaventura situated in the Valley of Cauca is a tourist destination that provides tourist attractions very diverse among them this humid tropical forest, in the vicinity of this Municipality it is possible to enjoy the mangroves that serve as a refuge for a wide range of fish, the lovely beaches and the PNR Uramba full of habitats and flora and fauna; Besides having one of the most important ports in Colombia, Buenaventura is of greater significance in the Pacific.


Lush, steamy, tropical, the Amazon region of Colombia seems rather distant, even from the rest of the world. The main town, Leticia, is a friendly, easy-going little city. But the biggest incentive to visit is the Amazon River and the enormous rainforest that surrounds it — full of unusual and fascinating plants and wildlife, a hugely essential ecosystem that provides the lung for the whole world.

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