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Travel to Colombia

Traveling to and from Colombia is no different from any other country in the World.  For visiting only your stay can be no longer than 90 days from the date of entry with your Passport.  Always check the  For any travel advisories before travel.  Colombia is pet friendly, so traveling with your dog or cat is rarely a problem, but remember to plan accordingly when traveling with animals.  They will need health a certificate before your departure, but I will have some helpful links that cover all the necessary documentation. 

The best part in my opinion about visiting, or living abroad is the price.  Airfares, Hotels, Food, and transportation are much less expensive than other locations that I have visited in the past.  Roundtrip tickets can cost around $400,00 per person coming from the U.S, oftentimes less if traveling from Texas or Florida.  Hotel prices are insanely inexpensive, ranging from $ 30 to 40 dollars per night for a nice 4-star accommodation.  

Is Colombia safe for families?  a very common question.  In my opinion, it's safer than Mexico, but like in any new country, the key is to blend in as much as possible.  Typical mistakes American's make is being too American while traveling abroad.  My advice is don't travel with a ball cap with an American flag on your head, or clothing saying proud American as an example.  Don't flash your money around in the streets, and don't show off your new cell phone while visiting.  These are very basic skills needed not to draw attention to yourself.  Always take just enough cash or a debit card while out visiting the sites, and leave your passports in the hotel.  This is easier said than done, but try not to look like a tourist.  I'm ex-Army, so the phrase, keep your head on a swivel has stuck with me while traveling to new destinations.  This should always be the case regardless if you're in NYC, Los Angeles, or in Europe, not only in S, America.  



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