Those interested in traveling to Colombia with their pet you can scroll down for requirements for those departing from the U.S. Listed are all required vaccines traveling from the U.S and entering Colombia.  On arrival, you will be escorted by agency personnel to the office to validate your pet’s documents and pay a small fee.  Your pet must be entered into the ICA database, and you will be given the O.K to enter with your pet. Keep the documents with your pet’s record’s

If returning to the U.S with your pet, please do not forget to visit the ICA office at the airport 24 hours before your departure.  Again, you will pay another small processing fee, and the officials will do a quick physical, test its aggressiveness, or does it bark for no reason, etc.  What they are mainly looking for is does the pet bite when being petted.  Any further questions please contact me at info@livingcolombian.com I have traveled many times with my 90lb Doberman and never had an issue entering or leaving Colombia



Before leaving the U.S for Colombia with your pet this is mandatory to visit the nearest USDA office APHIS department before your travel date. After your Vet has completed the physical and signed off on the 7001 you have around 10 days before the document APHIS form 70001 International Health Certificate expires. The rabies certificate is the most important document to always keep with you, and also upload into your phone just in case you lose the paper copy. The original form 7001 will have a raised seal from the USDA which Colombian officials will check for authenticity.  I have completed this process many times with my Doberman, so please contact me for any other questions.   Here is my big Doberman arriving with me in Barranquilla


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Anyone interested in living abroad past the 90-day passport restriction can also apply for a foreign Visa.  Visit the site listed below and find the Visa type that matches your needs.  Once at the website look for the English settings to read the page cedula de Extranjeria.  This process typically takes 14 days and is very inexpensive.  If I remember correctly in USD it was about $200.00. There are many different Visa types available, from marriage, pension, have a business in Colombia, etc. If you are wanting to do a pension Visa check the monthly income requirement; the last time I checked it was around $ 800 or 900 dollars



Checking Travel Advisories is always a good idea before traveling to other countries.  Enter the page check your destinations country for any local advisories.  Reading travel advisories for S. American countries will state there is some threat of robbery and small crimes, and in Colombia, this is no different. But is it the 1980’s Mr. Pablo Escobar’s cartels in the streets? Not at all the case these days.  What my friends tell me here is the biggest crime is cellphone theft.  When I am out in the streets for a brief walking to the grocery store at night, I will keep my cell at the house.  For the tourist, you will want to take many photos and that is understandable, my best advice is to take all your photos as usual then when finished put it away. The problem is when people like to carry their phones in their hands for extended amounts of time, not the smartest idea.  Thieves here look for quick and easy targets of opportunity.  The motorcyclist is the biggest threat as they can quickly snatch the phone from your hands in a second.  So, keep everything put away on your person, and do not be that Target.


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