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About Me

My page is designed for those individuals, or families interested in the best places to visit in Colombia, or for those thinking about moving here permanently. If you're like me then I'm sure at one time in your life you have thought about packing up and live abroad in a foreign country. Coming from San Francisco which is still my favorite city in the World, I found myself becoming more and more stressed, battling the daily commute, home prices which today are absolutely insane in my opinion.  While stuck in traffic on the 101 freeway something told me, you can't keep this lifestyle up much longer, it's time for something drastic if I wanted to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, and that change needed to be soon. 

Well, it's been one year since my arrival in Colombia, the city of Barranquilla, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.  I'm eating much better now since there are not many fast-food chains available, walking every day alongside my dog on the most beautiful beaches to visit in Colombia, she also came to Colombia with me, a 90lb Doberman.

When booking your reservation to Colombia, be careful with travel agencies' websites.  I'm creating this page to help streamline booking a complete trip to the most beautiful cities in Colombia safely without scams, or misleading websites.  I will be posting links with well-known and trusted sites that I have personally used for over 5 years of traveling to and from the U.S  with zero issues.  

Please enjoy my site, and thank you for visiting.  Everything you need to start your journey to Colombia is posted here on my website to help start planning the tourist places to visit in Colombia your trip soon, or those wanting to make the move abroad.

Best Beach in Colombia

The Tour of Colombia