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The Sightseeing in Colombia

When you think of Colombia, beautiful beaches are probably not what you expect to hear.  My first trip to Cartagena and Baru completely caught me by surprise during sightseeing in Colombia South America.  The waters are spectacular and warm with many boating activities available like jet skies, etc.  The food on the beach is amazing as the local Colombian women prepare fresh seafood while you enjoy the sun and water.  The price of lunch per person is only $10.00 or less, which is crazy compared to many other destination spots around the world.  The sun along the northern coastline is much stronger since Colombia sits near the equator, so keep that in my if you're planning to spend many hours outside

Thinking to relax? Then you must visit the coastal cities along the Caribbean. These cities include Cartagena, my favorite is Baru, about 30 minutes outside of Cartagena (Playa Blanca) the waters are absolutely incredible and warm.  This is my personal favorite because it's more secluded from the bigger city of Cartagena.


Barranquilla; This is a party spot since every year the 2nd biggest Carnaval destination is here.  Living in Barranquilla the people are different from other parts of the country.  Here the mentality is family, dancing, having a good time all year long.  

Santa Marta; about 45 minutes from Barranquilla, is a nice quiet getaway.  Not as crowded as beaches in Cartagena, but more a romantic getaway for great landscape and scenery.  Here you can jump on a little boat for a few dollars to other beaches more secluded.  The boat rides are about 10 to 15 minutes away never far from the shore, which is important to me as I'm not a boat guy. 

These three locations I've discussed are for those interested in going to the beach, with crystal clear warm waters of the Caribbean.   Cali, Colombia has beaches but is somewhat different located with Pacific waters. 

Inland Colombia like Medellin and Bogota has beautiful landscapes situated along the Andes Mountains.  Here is where those interested in culture, art, history, and shopping regularly flock to. 

For more regional information, revisit my homepage for more activities listed by region

Just some spectacular sights of Colombia